Kristin Hanson

IJEWL Design Course


Learn the art of jewelry design with Kristin Hanson. This is a four session workshop,  meeting once a week virtually for one hour. Discover your full potential as a designer and entrepreneur in the jewelry industry by working through your own design concepts and style. 

Find your voice as a designer by using a mixed media technique. Learn to draw and capture every detail of your design by sketching, technical drawing, and painting. Visualize through photography, collage work, and sculpture to form 3 dimensional forms to be interpreted in CAD. 

Explore the world of gemstones and diamonds, cuts and quality. Communicate with your clients and gain resources to grow you business. Learn about pricing, costs, wholesale and retail.

Tap into marketing and the importance of branding your products through social media and website presence. Understand the basics of Shopify and how to develop an e-commerce website for your business. 

Kristin works directly with each client on your own goals and works at your level of knowledge from beginner designers to established companies. Please note, one four week workshop is a starting point and depending on your level more hours may be required to complete your goals. All CAD files and manufacturing costs are not included in the course fee. 

Kristin Hanson is a full service design house and can provide students with complete manufacturing of their designs and client orders at cost. Providing stones and recourses to establish your brand. 

Kristin has been a jewelry educator and designer for over 25 years, let IJEWL save you time and money in our one stop shop program. 

I look forward to seeing you in class! 

- Kristin 


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